Fabricant de luminaires pour l’hôtellerie et l’hôtellerie de Chine

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We are a leading hotel and hospitality lighting manufacturer in China for the American hotel and resorts, like Holiday Inn hotel, Marriott hotels, Best Western Hotel, Hilton hotel, Super 8 hotel, Crown Plaza hotel, Mercure Hotels, and other hospitality projects etc.

Our China original hotel and hospitality lighting factory is Co-art lights, in the city of Zhongshan, Guangdong of China.

We mainly produce the hotel lamps and lighting for the USA brands lighting companies, which have sale representative, distributors, and retail shop in USA, who work with the designers and owner of the hotels in America. They make orders to us to produce for their hotel projects in USA, then ship our manufacturing lighting to the site of the projects.

Certainly, Our lighting are UL and ETL certificates.

et, Bespoke decor lighting is one of our main abilities to support our customers to win the projects.

plus, we make some other projects in other places of the world.






lustre ruban sur mesure en chine

lustre ruban sur mesure en chine


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  • Fabricant américain d’éclairage d’hôtels et de centres de villégiature originaire de Chine.

    Chine top lustres et éclairage Fabricant pour l’hôtellerie et l’hôtellerie, qui fournissent la solution d’éclairage complète pour les projets hôteliers et hôteliers de la conception, maquette, fabricant à l’expédition et nettoyage personnalisé pour les clients à leur porte.