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ourThis is a chandelier lights supplier from China, who make updated and full range of chandeliers in China at the best price for the customers around the world. If you are a lighting distributor, designer and/or architect, and someone on lighting business, hope you can find out the idea chandelier for your light business. We try our best to follow up with the market of lighting design, to make our chandelier lights on hot sales for our clients. Our chandeliers are mainly glass chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, luxury chandeliers, fabric chandeliers, brass chandeliers, modern chandelier, contemporary chandelier, gold chandelier,antler chandelier, and many items are equal to the FLOS desgin, Moooi styles, ARTEMIDE series etc.  Because of the edge of MADE IN CHINA, our Chinese lighting factory make the chandeliers at best price and top quality. Any question on the chandeliers, we are happy to support and find a solution for your chandeliers lighting business.

More, custom chandelier is welcome in our lighting business. If you want to bespoke your chandelier lights at your style and your own design, it is OK for us to make the chandelier as per your drawing / photo / picture/ image of chandeliers. Just send us an email for more details.

Do you have more designs for the updated chandeliers? Yes. Just send us to show what you want. We will send you more chandelier catalog.

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    We are dedicated to helping our customers become winners in their lighting fields. From concept to design, we manufacture  and ship chandelier lights in a full and last series for our customers around the world.

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    To supply the most and last of chandelier lights from China to the lighting distributors around the world. And, many of the chandeliers are designed from the world famous designers. Any question on the chandeliers, welcome to email us for a good solution. EMAIL: