We know, so many people around the world like the ANTLER CHANDELIER,  but, it is impossible that deer antler chandelier should made by REAL ANTLER, so, the prblem is what material to make 4 ANTLER CHANDELIER LIGHTING?  Fortunatly, as the craft and technology developing, in lighting industry, we can make the antler by resin, which makes the lighting looks like reall antler chandelier, and cheap price, and good quality to meet the people demand. More, the antler chandelier is made from resin, so its color can be antler orignal color, and whtie & black color to meet special demand 4 different match at decor.

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we are happy to make your dream antler chandelier out.

as we supply oem/odm service for many customers around the world for the big chandeliers including antler chandelier.