ASFOUR (asifu) crystals as the world’s second-largest artificial Crystal production company is 46 years old. It was first established in 1961, is evolved from a private crystal manufacturing company. Late in the last century 70 ‘s, due to huge demand locally and internationally, for Crystal Crystal products and start mass production and realization of automated production lines during this period. ASFOUR Crystal has reached 30% lead oxide high-quality and high yield by an average 92 tons per day worldwide. Today, its products have been sold in the world, and set up their own branches in many cities of the world, ASFOUR subsidiaries set up in Hong Kong in China.


ASFOUR’s products mainly include: gifts, decorations, ornaments, accessories, lighting, a wide range of applied fields.

and there are asfour crystal chandelier in, and the large chandelier also can be matched with K9 crystal.

ASFOUR Crystal technology exquisite, the quality is clear, Crystal Ray exudes quality. I think from ASFOUR’s product design, you’ll feel its unique Egypt style, gorgeous and elegant, charming and noble, exudes Egypt ancient and enchanting atmosphere.


Crystal brand Asfour Crsytal is the country’s third-largest, yield is the first in the world, Swarovski and Czech crystal.
“ASFOUR” in Arabic means “the Eagle”, the brand’s logo is a caper of the Eagle, factories headquartered in the Nile, after 50 years of development history, which hover in the premier brand of Crystal, has become the world’s second-largest Crystal producer products are sold worldwide in more than more than 50 countries. Although “ASFOUR” Crystal called the Middle East “Swarovski”, but the perfect cutting technology of ASFOUR crystals and Swarovski crystals compared favourably with, and because of the raw material and glass since Egypt local and highly competitive price.


Egypt Crystal: Aspen law, English name: ASFOUR CRYSTAL, origin: Egypt. Is a kind of imported crystal, PBO (lead) is greater than or equal to 30%, its product, crystal clear, low in price, it is currently the most common imported crystal hanging lamps market.


ASFOUR CRYSTAL company profile: forming technology of glass production technology and the most original in Egypt, Egypt people 5000 years ago, mastered the glass cutting technology. ASFOUR was founded in 1961, originally covering an area of 2,200 square metres, producing 200 workers, only 5 sets of crucibles for melting. ASFOUR: Aspen law firm ancestors based on traditional techniques, constant improvement and innovation … … … … Today, ASFOUR Crystal factory has become the world’s second-largest, skilled workers and more than 30,000 people, total area: 300,000 square meters. ASFOUR company is recognized as a market leader in the industry, produced crystal material exceeding 100 tonnes per day, and its products 98% sold worldwide.


ASFOUR CRYSTAL Crystal pendants sold in the domestic varieties are: Crystal 701 series, aniseed Pearl 1080, Fang Zhu 2020 series of PEAR beads 873, Maple Leaf Chinese Restaurant 911 series, grid, 872-877 series, long series, hyacinth: 611 series, sharp beads 401 series, ladder series 604, splinter series 604, Crystal disc 1031,1032,101,102 and so on. Want to learn more about the Crystal ASFOUR CRYSTA products, welocom to visit