Black crystal lamp:For more baccarat chandelier light in

With a history of over 240 years the Baccarat brand, wasinfluenced by the Russian emperor czar Nicola S, andWells, Morocco, Arabia, favored the British royal family,known as the “Wang Hou of the crystal”. LAN. Baccarat black crystal lamp in Shanghai, completed by 4 artisans,spent 8 months. Only enjoy this have no equal in this worldof art in the LAN of Shanghai can.

1310mm X H11800mm 12+12 head can be customized size

Italy original design products (elegant)

This series of products for the Italy designers of the classic,according to the principle of modern architectural lighting,combined with the current Asian architecture anddecoration design, in the world and Asia Awards; the designer combines lighting and art, reflects the simple,large square, fashion, noble, and the true interpretation of”people * light * space”;

For more baccarat chandelier light in