Big explanation of the installation method of chandelier.


The installation of droplight is very important, for instance droplight whether with electric wire or with iron support hang, can not be hanged too short, hinder a person normal vision or make a person feel dazzling. So, how exactly should the chandelier be installed? Next, it is up to me to decorate the net small braid to take a large number of consumer friends to know the installation of this chandelier.


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Big explanation of the installation method of chandelier.
Big explanation of the installation method of chandelier.
Material have prepared
(1) construction materials: there are several commonly used materials.
Wood (different specifications of water, wood, water board), aluminum alloy (plate, profile), steel (steel, flat steel, steel plate), mainly as support components.
Plastic, plexiglass, glass partition, exterior decorative veneer and heat sink, copper plate. Electrochemical aluminum plate for decorative components.
Other accessories such as screws, nails, rivets, finished lamps, adhesive and so on.
(2) construction tools: pliers, screwdriver, hammer, electric curve saw, electric hammer, hand, ruler, paint brush, etc.
Structural connection
(1) operation method: mainly consider the connection of embedded parts and transition parts.
First in the structure layer embedded iron or wood bricks (except for water bricks). The location should be accurate and adequate adjustment should be made.
A transition fitting is arranged on the iron and wood bricks to adjust the error of the adjustment, which can be nailed, welded and twisted.
Connecting rod, sling and transition connection.

Big explanation of the installation method of chandelier.
(2) installation precautions: attention should be paid to the following three points during installation.
(1) if you have multiple droplight, when installation should pay attention to their position, length of relationship, can be installed in the ceiling and pendant lamp, so that we can based on ceiling joist, adjust the position of the lamp and high and low.
The ceiling whisker can be used to directly produce and add casing. The addition of the tube will facilitate the installation, ensuring that the ceiling panel is complete and can only be drilled in the position where the pipe is needed. Directly from the ceiling of the hanging cup, the installation of the surface drilling is not easy to find. Sometimes it is possible to use the method of first installing the hanger rod to cut the hole of the panel, but it has an effect on the decoration effect.
There should be a certain length of thread on the hanger rod for adjustment. The hanging lamp box under the sling should pay attention to the reliability of the connection.
Joist connection
The hanger rod, sling bolt, screw on the secondary joist, or use the above board perforation method to connect to the vertical grid. Or hanging from the top of the intergrating. The power of the light source used by the ceiling lamp: the incandescent bulb is 40 ~ 100W, and the fluorescent lamp is 30 ~ 40W.